10 destinations

10 destinations

As part of the #IconContestXD Contest, I present to you my interpretation of a mobile application allowing creative people to discover the city of Marseille. The ten places are innovative and surprising cultural places. Explore this city two times a millennium. A city with hidden beauty. then walk, seek, leave guide you ... and ... regarde bien !


I have selected 10 destinations, places of graphic, musical, plastic creations, places where the exchange and sharing also have their place. From the concert hall to a coffee shop, but also artists' collectives, there are many places to discover while walking. Because Marseille deserves and discovered on foot.

By avoiding the classics of the city like the Musem, I introduced in my interpretation essential elements that make Marseille; the sardine, the sun, the sea.

The choice of an iconography mixing photography and montages from engravings, to create a particular and ubiquitous atmosphere. I also wanted to leave some of the discovery to the user, with a system of augmented reality, which will indicate or find the place, not by a pine but by a typographic element which is completed by the distance to this location. Other elements complete the application like a chat system with connected users, the ability to add these own POIs and share them.

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